Monday, November 30, 2009

Riding the Tush Train

After entering the i heart faces challenge (see post below), I realized how fun photos from the rear actually are. So, I am making a post dedicated to just that! Posterior shots are not only fun, but you can't really go wrong. No eyes closed, no goofy faces that your kid makes when the other two are perfect. Here are some of my favorites from years past (I totally had fun editing these)....hope you find them just as fun and hilarious as I did. (I am SO going to start shooting people's fannies from now watch out!!) Here comes tons of good, quality rump...

Disclaimer: If I have ever shot your tush before, you are probably on here...sorry :o)...I reserve the rights to my own photos!! MUHAHAHA!! (I know some of you are like "Oh crap!" It's best you just scroll down and see if your arse is on here and hope I did it justice...LOL)

Family bottoms

German "junks"...

Showin' off the moneymaker


Japanese Butts

Beach Bums

thx tara

Baby booties

Karaoke behinds

Sport and recreation backends

Contemplating from the rear

Running your butt off

Friendly fannies

Uniformed & working derrieres

Your butt's been busted

Animal hind-ends

Goofy bootys

thx saige
P.S. Don't you find it awesome how I can use a different synonym for the word tush in every instance throughout both posts? We Americans love the rear end, don't we...?