Sunday, September 6, 2009

Germany is Growing on Us

Well, things are just rolling right along over here. The kids are meshing well with their classmates & teachers so far and I couldn't be happier. Saige is still "feeling things out" with finding friends, but she has a couple girls she has taken to and that she eats lunch with. JD talks about this kid Colby or Cody (I can't figure out which one it is because he keeps saying it different everytime, lol). So that is good that he's found a friend. He LOVES his math teacher (that was for you Thyme), who he also has for Learning Strategies. I can't wait to meet all of his teachers at Open House on Tuesday.

We, of course, are still at the hotel til the 14th, but we officially have the key to our house so that I can start taking some things over there (like George's military garb & gear for starters). I got a call the other day that our hold baggage is here. I am SHOCKED I must say. They slotted it to be here end of September. That shipment contains all the rest of our clothes, all our linens, my whole entire kitchen, our computers, 3 TV's, the game consoles, some toys, and the remainder of our shoes. Sweet!! I have them delivering it on our move-in day. In the meantime, I am going to tackle the home improvement store this week (when I find one here) and try to get the upstairs floor started. I am going to pull the carpet and see what I can do about underneath. I will most likely just lay new carpet. And I need to paint. Busy week next week.

To prepare for my strenuous week ahead, fun times and relaxation must precede right? Good thing I am going to finally see my girl Farrah. It will be refreshing to see a familiar face here and catch up on just about everything under the sun!! She is such a great "girl's girl"...and I am so lucky to have as many as I do in my life like her.

I also decided to use this Saturday (with no rain) to venture downtown with the kids. Lo and Behold...they were having a festival going on (I make fun because I swear there is a fest every weekend for some odd reason or's their excuse to drink tons of beer right after breakfast I think). I personally use it as my excuse to hit up every bakery stand and shop on the strasse. The kids were funny. Saige was amazed at all the stores they had "They even have Claire's, Mom!" and that it looked like an actual "city". JD was impressed with all the churches and historic spots we stumbled upon. He was begging to go into one of the churches from the moment we got out of the car in the parking garage.

On our way we stumbled onto the Stifts-Church and it was actually welcoming to the public, laced with a short history to read and photo opportunities. I was all over it. So was he....

this has to be the biggest organ I have ever seen

he immediately knelt down...

...when he saw this

the bible box

the alter

they had this area where you could write what inspired you about the church...he wrote it's BEAUTY

Gorgeous is all I can say!

It was beautiful in there and reminded me that we need to get started on our castle tours as soon as George gets back!

I forgot to mention that Saige's new glasses came in and they look darling on her. She hasn't worn her contacts since we picked them up. I'm glad she's happy with them...

We walked for a long time (until I felt we might not find our way back to our car). There was music playing everywhere on multiple stages...some current songs (I soooo could have done what this chick was doing...we like to call that karaoke lady),

there was some swing bands, a Mariachi band (look for yourself)...

....and then at one point I heard it. "Du nuh-Du nuh- Du nuh da nuh da nuh da nuh da nuuuuuh". If you can't follow a tune...come on people, I gave you a hint with the pink lettering...I guess I will just tell you! It was the Pink Panther theme song playing in the distance. JD started walking swiftly, like the panther would I guess, toward the sound. Teage started screaming..."It's the Pink Pantha"!! They both adopt British accents whenever they say the title...weirdos! Anyone who knows my boys, knows they have a slight obsession with the Pink Panther (the cartoon & the movies). We have been desperately searching for months for a 'pink pantha' fake diamond. No worries though because Popo and Aunt Thyme found two large ones at a flea market and it is in the mail as we speak. (thanks guys!)

Anyway, we sat there like crazies and all "Da Nuh"-ed together in unison. Yes, it is the little things that keep us going!

They had a couple little rides for small kids there and so of was ON! Teage jumped into a car with a little German girl, she freaked out and ran away crying (LOL)! So I directed him to the fire truck and he was too happy.

Yeah...that's JD's big butt riding the motorcycle. He has no shame in his game I tell ya....

As we were heading back....I saw this:

now, I don't know if YOU know how much the Germans love their mayonnaise (they put it on everything...GROSS), so you can imagine my relief to see a "large and in charge" mustard dispensing machine. I mustard!! I need one of these in my kitchen.

Speaking of odd German's a couple more of those "Oh yeah, I forgot about that" moments I had lately...

I was very nervous about driving once we left Okinawa. Driving on the left had become second nature to me and so I was hoping my first nature of driving on the right would come back to me quickly. Luckily, it didn't have to! I forgot that in Germany they have these great road signs that tell you where to follow.
This is not only handy for those really wide roads with medians, but for past Oki residents like me who don't know which side of the road to turn onto when in an intersection. Can you imagine the anxiety of being in an intersection and trying to remember what lane to get into....I can!

Secondly, what about the fact that the Germans don't serve their drinks with ice.
The ice lover that I am....I found myself saying "Oh, I forgot about that"!! I don't know which is better...drinking a room temp beverage or asking for ice and they give you a big bowl of it like you are going to eat it with salt & pepper.

Ahhhh, and the most recent incident. I forgot most Germans really do have bad B.O. Sorry, but it's true. I think they explore the anti-perspiration side of Speedstick, but not the deodorant side.
I say most though....some have the sense to conquer that fad and move on to full-fledged anti-p/deodorants. I say let's start a revolution for the old schoolers...

(I have a tons of these...more to follow)

Anyway, we had a blast and came home tired and with new memories to flood our heads. Can't wait to go back...

Thanks for looking and as ya!!