Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taunus for US!

My life is a cesspool of kid activities these days. Softball field clay has become part of my plasma, sweat is my new salt substitute, and organizing fun times for the kids has taken over my calendar. I love summer and all the happenings that go with it...but is really tasking this year. The softball has played a huge part on that change. Having both Saige and George playing on multiple teams this year has been quite the challenge. But as good mommies do, I try to shake things up a bit and throw in the random, mindless, theme park thrill.

This week we headed to Taunus Wunderland in Weisbaden. I had to go there to order some savings bonds that George won in a golf tournament last month and so I decided to make a day trip out of it. Rhea joined the kids and I as we ventured off, express-like. We only had like 2 hours there since softball practice was at 2pm, but we zipped through and even had time to stop and savor a crepe. The park reminds me exactly of Holiday Park ,very Mom and Pop. I could tell the running theme was the Brothers Grimm, but I was thinking more Ghetto Grimm, at best. However, they did have a nice Wasser ride (aka Splash Mountain ride), a slide Teage couldn't get enough of and a decent Pirate Ship. Pirate Ship rides have taken over the world, I tell ya.

I would have liked to have had George there and spend the full day. They have a zillion little tucked away playgrounds for all ages. I was imagining a picnic and a Grapefruit German Hefeweizen in my future (they sold them there...I must find those...they are re-fresh-ing)!! Anyway, the kids had fun and there were tons of photo ops. Rhea and I even got to ride on some of the rides for a change...check out our time-constrained, fun-filled day.

Thanks for looking...LOVE YA!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Saige's Week!

My little girl is upping the ante...she's officially 15 and "permit" legal. Too bad living in Germany hinders the immediate driving capabilities. I don't think I could handle that bug in my ear these days. She is still that baby to me that used to bat her eyelashes to get attention at RJ Gators, giggle frantically when I'd snatch her paci out of her mouth or pretty much at any given time, wear a zwieback on her face like no other, call the kitchen the 'chicken', and be my all time cuddle buddy when daddy was away. She has grown up WAY too fast and each day I try desperately to grasp onto all the moments I have left with her at home. From the jump, I always knew she was the kid that would leave right away after high school. She has so many dreams and so much to full of life. I am in awe of her spirit. But until that day comes...I am holding on for dear life!

This past week was a doozy...the last day of school happened, I was away for a w'EEK for the first time attending a conference, we left for Stuttgart to watch Saige's team play for the German Little League title, add in a little Father's Day...and of course we celebrated her fabulous quinceanera!! Since I was gone, I had arranged some fun surprises for her on Monday. She received an fun balloon bouquet during exams :o) and then when she got home, her dad and brothers drove her by the marquis on base to see a flashy message that read, "HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY SAIGE ISLA...LOVE YOUR FAMILIA!" She was super excited about that. Then I drove back home to top it off with a personalized t-shirt (enter new obsession), dinner at Chili's with cake, and presents. Rhea and the kids met up with us and we had a great time. Thanks to everyone that sent her something in the mail and through email.

The best present she got was the new softball bat from her dad. They have really bonded with this softball thing (I just want to reiterate that softball is taking over my life...please pray for me). Anyway, this was no accident...he was prepping her for the tournament this weekend which would secure the Junior All Stars the privilege of representing Germany at Regionals next month. Not only did they win, but they pummeled 'em. It was good, fun, clean, softball and our girls showed class and poise and most of all...teamwork! So proud of Saige...she is the oldest on her team along with one other girl and is really the shining star of the group. She is always making people laugh, pumping the girls up, calling out plays, rooting the others on, just an overall force! (Of course she is also the loudest girl on the team...LOL) Congrats to her and her up, Regionals in Cairo Montenotte, Italy from July 6-11. Another family trip ahead...sprinkled with softball (sigh) LOL!

As always...thanks for looking and wish us luck in Italy :o)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Being Professional... not,

flailing your arms to get a chance to speak.

yelling, "I see your hand and we know you're next, but you need to wait".

trying to be louder instead of talking one at a time, as the group norm states.

giving your complete personal background, so that you beat the dead horse more than it already has been.

answering questions FOR the subject matter expert...assuming you know more than he does.


doing your make-up at the round-table...just sayin'!

This week's conference is TASKING, to say the least. To be fair...while the room and the power hungry, rude people in it are sometimes unprofessional, I guess opening this blog up and a sudden blast of Poison's "I Won't Forget You" filling the room wasn't too savvy either :o) In my defense, it did cause them to simmer down and jam out for 1/2 a second. How's that for professionalism? 2 more days......

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Four Years With a Stud!

The birthday season has truly commenced! June brings all kinds of birthday happenings, starting with our Teagie and following with our Saigie Baby. I cannot even fathom the speed in which these kids are growing up. I feel like I was JUST planning their birthdays last year in Oki...seriously, this whole time warp thing needs to calm down.

But I guess it is safe to say that the lil stud has officially moved away from all things "free for 3 and under" and ventured into the "overpriced 4 and up" group. Truth be told, Teage could totally pass for 7 or 8 based on his wit and charm (I just beam about the awesome traits I pass onto my kids, lol). We decided to keep this year's affair a family only event (besides, this isn't my first rodeo and I just wasn't mentally sound to gather up a bunch of wild ass toddlers and unleash them into cake and pinata candy). So being that the other Isla Fam is here and they come equipped with two toddlers :o) , why not keep it that simple? So we did. Teage chose the bowling center as his venue and I used the extra $$ not going to strangers in his class to splurge on a giant Batman cake! It was fun and low-key and HOT (ummm, did I ever mention how ' hot it is here in the summer...and there isn't an AC unit within 600 kilometers of the's just not right)!

Another added detail was I decided to make all my kids matching t-shirts to wear in honor of the birthday boy. They came out so great, but also led me to another side addiction. Iron-ons do everybody right! Once we got past the toddler out of turn-taking, a few tumbles on the lanes, random balloon poppings, a little fist pumping, and the 50 lb cake....we headed back to the casa to continue the party. Waiting there was Teagie's indoor/outdoor 2-sided kitchen. The chil'ren proceeded to have loads of fun and and proceeded to pour the wine. All in all it was a fabulous day and I thank everyone who wished him a Happy Birthday and sent cards/gifts. He loved every minute of it.

It's amazing how much can squeeze into a year. Teagie has gone through loss, confronting challenges, milestones, personal growth, and adventure. We are so lucky to have this little guy in our lives. Here's a montage to showcase his fabulous 4th year...ENJOY!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dear Blog...

Dear Bloggy Blog---

I love you...I really do. You make me happy, you're always there when I scroll through my bookmarks, you capture my stories well, and you know how to make my pictures shine. But my dear bloggy, I am able to admit that I haven't given you the time you deserve lately. I am busy and I literally don't have the time to sit and "hang" with you for our usual hour sessions. I am on a mission to scale back my long drawn out posts and just write only the essentials. Hopefully, this can keep our relationship going and you won't delete me from you memory. Until next time...keep the dashboard warm....