Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two Teenagers and a Microphone

Well, as Run DMC and JMJ put it...

My kids are creeping up the growth chart quick-like! I am now in between two teenagers and a preschooler (ya'll got to pray for me).

JD is 13!!!

Our first December birthday has come and gone and my J-dle Deedle has officially crossed into teen mode. I was super excited to see him embrace this age and he has done so without a hitch. I can't kiss on him anymore, or talk to him about when he used to watch teletubbies, or even ask him if he's growing hair in certain places...hmmm, I guess being a teenager is super standard across the board. We celebrated on Friday (his actual day) by making his favorite food next to cheeseburgers...pizza. Then we followed him to Beauty and the Beast rehearsals (I was kinda bummed he had to "work" on his b-day, but he didn't seem to mind and besides, opening night was a week away, YIKES). The whole cast and crew sang to him at the end though, so it was nice for him :o) He also opened up his presents from us and from G-Pa. You can never go wrong with a DVD, books, and Legos...G-Pa amped it up with a nice young man's watch.

I also did my new ritual of birthday wishes in lights by posting a shout-out on the base marquee! He was shocked and it stayed up all weekend long!! (and NO, I did not purposely make my name all caps...just sayin')

The next day, George took him and a couple friends to go see the new Harry Potter movie as his birthday outing. I don't really DO Harry Potter, so I stayed back and got everything ready for the cake and Singstar after party.

There were two cakes and one said Happy Birthday and the other said 13 JD, hee hee! A party just isn't a party unless JD whoops some a$$ in Singstar...which his father graciously accepted in defeat.

Once that was out of the way, the presents and cake made their way into the party and things started to get interesting :o)

He got money and a gift card from our friends Amee & Theresa and their fams which was awesome because he loves to buy his own stuff. Thanks so much guys...

And then Aunt Rhea gave him something I'm sure he had been wanting for a long time...


OMG....so if you had any idea how hilarious this was, you would be totally crying. A few weeks ago, Rhea and I had been at the thrift store and stumbled upon some classic pop cassette tapes that I swear I owned all of at one point in my life...to include Rick Astley. Little did I know that she was planning on rick-rolling JD on his birthday!! The look on his face was priceless...the look on everyone else's face was exactly the same!! Rhea and I were cracking up...practically on the floor...and meanwhile, JD says "Why do I need this tape recorder?" (insert the tears) It was like me 25 years ago with 8-track tapes...TOO MUCH!

But, he sat there and semi-smiled with his Rick Astley cassette and said thank you for his gift...(insert proud mommy). Right after the pic, Rhea handed him his real gift (Megamind on Wii) and he just giggled. What a trooper!

Thanks so much to everyone that helped make JD's birthday a success and sent their wishes across the miles...we love ya!!

I think he had a great time this year and it blows my mind that I now have TWO teenagers...where do all those years go?? Before I know it, Teage will be in kindergarten next year and Saige will be visiting college campuses. Gosh, I feel so old! Speaking of...I better go and rest my ailing foot and joints.

Thanks for looking...


rhea said...

OMFG. I am literally crying all over again. The pics...Why is my hand all over JD's head? OMG. I'm dying. It was a great gag gift and the pics are fantastic. Obviously, you saw all my gluhwein induced pics I took that are blurry, shaky, lord knows what else.

Now, go rest your foot on it.