Sunday, November 28, 2010

Closing out November...with the Quickness!

Is it me or did November just slip me a roofie?

The last thing I remember is buying a bunch of candy and then ripping down my Halloween decor. Next thing I know it's three days ago and I'm waking up to a pile of recipes and turkey feathers flying out of my mouth...AND that frickin' holiday music blaring on every store speaker ever made. Nobody appreciates being date raped by November...just sayin'.

Needless to say, Thanksgiving came and shook me up by reminding me that I have pretty much ZERO time until Christmas! Insert snow!!! Our first snow came on Thanksgiving day....and I am pretty sure we are going to have a crazy winter. Pretty early to be snowing here...but the first snow is absolutely beautiful in its own right. Check out my snowy commentating...

The holiday was nice this year...all the fixins, Family, guests, shopping, and a game night. As everyone knows, I had the major feat of cooking a full on meal. George doesn't cook anything except fried eggs and spaghetti (both of which I commend and eagerly pass on to him any chance I get)...Saige will help with some cooking, if it fits in to her social that pretty much leaves it up to me, which I have gotten used to after 15 years I guess :o) Geo invited some single Soldiers over, but only one ended up showing up. The only thing is he showed up 15 minutes early. Normally I would be ok with that...had I not had 15 large rollers in my hair and no make-up on...sigh. Not to mention George left him downstairs for me and the boys to entertain while he showered...double sigh. Real is what you get with this it or leave it, LOL. Teage, however, was dressed to the nines and really got into it this year. What a STUD!!!

The food was phenomenal....the best being the homemade rolls and homemade gravy, of course. Check out the spread...

The next day (Black Friday), I had to work my subcontracting job while G took the kids "shopping". All I know is I got a call about 2pm FYI-ing me that he was doing some serious spending...hmmmm. All of which I wasn't allowed any intel on. *GRIN*

We spent the rest of the weekend with the Jefferson's, who came up for some nestor time. We always have so much fun and this weekend was no exception. It was TJ's birthday so we did some wine/Park bonding before heading out to the club on base for a bit. The next day we headed out to the Exchange and then the Frohes Fest (Christmas market) downtown for the first time this season. Besides the frost bitten toes and ears, it was just what I needed to cap off the Holiday. The hot chocolate and gluhwein (warm spiced wine) flowed and the smell of roasted candied nuts filled the air. I am now fully armed to tackle December and all its wrath. Can't wait to venture to the neighboring markets during the next month...

Mini Chocolate Cameras?? Oprah needs to put this on her favorite things...

We hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend like we did! Missing all my Family and peeps across the miles...but I am THANKFUL our love extends all around the globe to so many people.

Thank you for being a part of our lives...and as always, thanks for looking :o)

Love ya,